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Venture Lab aims to provide our portfolio companies with the resources they need to scale. We developed these tools with the needs of our companies in mind, but believe that they can benefit other startups in the financial inclusion space and beyond. We welcome comments or dialogue on the tools below.

Enterprise Sales for Fintech Products and Services

Selling fintech products and services into large enterprises, and in particular financial institutions, is challenging for any company – especially startups. This presentation provides an overview of best practices for pitching to financial institutions and draws on advice of leading fintech startups and financial institutions themselves.

Developing and Administering Customer Research Surveys

Customer research is critical for startups aiming to reach underserved customers: they must improve their product quickly without traditional resources or knowledge sources. Surveys are a powerful tool, but executing surveys in low-infrastructure markets can be challenging. This presentation provides an overview on best practices in developing and administering surveys, as well as special

Implementing an Effective Sales Compensation Plan

An effective sales team is the engine of growth for every early stage business. Leadership must make a number of strategic decisions for their sales team’s compensation to drive sustainable growth: How much of the sales team’s compensation should be variable versus base salary? What metrics should variable compensation be based on? How should leadership communicate and implement the

Designing Sales Organization

As a company grows, its leaders must decide how to structure its customer-facing functions: should a single team serve customers in perpetuity, or should Sales and Account Management roles be split into separate teams? This resource provides context for this choice and its associated tradeoffs, and includes case studies of other young companies’ structures.

SaaS Pricing Frameworks and Best Practices

For software as a service (SaaS) businesses, determining the right pricing structure and setting price levels are critical decisions. This toolkit helps SaaS companies think about pricing based on value created for the customer and set pricing in a way that maximizes profitability. It contains a number of examples and tools to help with pricing decisions. 

Hiring Manager Guide

This guide helps hiring managers through the process of defining a role, creating a job description, screening and interviewing candidates, and conducting reference checks for hires of any level. It contains tools, sample forms, and guidelines for each step in the hiring process, and is a great resource for managers who are growing their teams.

Employee Manual Guide and Template

An employee manual details every aspect of company policy, the procedures for following those policies, and the forms needed to complete each process. This sample Employee Manual includes guidelines and prioritization recommendations for various policies. It can easily be customized for your organization. 

Software, Systems & Tools Survey

Venture Lab conducted a survey with its portfolio companies to learn the best software, systems and tools used for various functions across organizations. Results are shared here. We hope this data can be useful as startups explore other potential providers and evaluate options under consideration. 

Job Description Bank

Sample job descriptions for 15 key roles at early-stage financial inclusion startups. Highlights best practices across the postings and can be a good starting point as you begin a hiring process.

Best Practices for Building and Leveraging a Startup Board

Learn how to build and structure a board using time tested strategies. Includes tactics on effectively leveraging board member expertise and networks. Concludes with tips on planning effective board meetings.


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