Digital Financial Services Toolkit for Financial Institutions

 Overview of Accion Channels Methodology, in the form of a chain diagram 

Built on a foundation of decades of experience in designing and implementing digital financial services around the world, Accion’s Digital Solutions team has created a simple Digital Financial Services (DFS) Toolkit for financial institutions. A key to success in our work is to have a consistent approach and ensure evolving best practices are included in every project.

The DFS Toolkit for Financial Institutions aims to support financial institutions to properly plan, pilot, roll-out, and operate scalable and effective digital delivery channels, such as mobile banking, mobile point of sale, agent banking and other forms of branchless banking. Embedded are best practices, key activities, tools, and components that should be in place in order to allow digital financial services to thrive and scale. The DFS Toolkit helps financial institutions remain agile, facilitating continuous improvements as monitoring and evaluation insights inform necessary adjustments.

Additionally, the DFS Toolkit can be used for reviewing existing channels as a way to revisit certain steps and diagnose areas for improvement.

By sharing the best practices, tools and guidelines we’ve developed, we hope to advance industry knowledge to facilitate future development and usage of digital financial services. Please share feedback of your experience using these tools; we welcome discussions on your digital financial services initiatives.

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You can access the DFS Toolkit for Financial Institutions, with supporting tools for download. Over the coming months, we will continue to share tools and templates that we’ve found valuable for implementing digital financial services.

Methodology Rollout Approach


Channel Diagnosis Framework

Draft Project Charter

High Level Business Case

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Internal Analysis

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Overview Feasibility Study Findings

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External Analysis

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Go/How-to-Go Decision Tool

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